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The Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methods

Powerful yet gentle, the Gyrotonic method uses rhythmic and spiraling movements with continual resistance to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The Gyrokinesis Method is similar to yoga that adds movement which opens energy pathways, stimulates the nervous system, and increases range of motion and strength.

Move Better, Feel Better

Gyrotonic workouts increase flexibility and unwind tight joints by stretching and conditioning surrounding tissues and training proper movement patterns, leaving your body rejuvenated and balanced.

Get Stronger and Longer

Specialized equipment with expansive movements and breathing allows muscles to simultaneously strengthen and lengthen.

Customize Your Workout

Gyrotonic exercise can be performed by people of any age or level of fitness. All training is personalized to the individual based on their ability and desired results.

Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Training Rates
Gyrotonic Sessions
Introductory Special (First time clients only) 4 Private Sessions $160 (One month expiration) One session = one hour Private Sessions Per session $60/hour Packages (3 month expiration) 12 Private $575 6 Private $325 Semi-Private Sessions (2 people) Per session $35/hour *Prerequisite: Completion of Introductory Special for first time clients (4 privates) Packages (per person -- 3 month expiration) 12 - $360 6 - $200
Gyrokinesis Sessions
Mat Class (3 month expiration) Single $15 10 Classes $120

For more information, contact Marianne Anderson Gerrard, Certified Trainer, at (951) 551-7614.